May 23, 2013

Abbott calls PM a ginger


The Leader of the Opposition today defended the tactic of personally targeting Prime Minister Gillard.  “Some will say that there’s no place in Australian political culture for this,” he said “but I say it’s all part of the game.   I call her a liar, she calls me misogynist.  I say that she loves Boat People, she calls me Catholic.”

“Others reckon we should only take aim at politicians’ ideas and policies instead of their personalities.   Bugger that.   Gillard is a cow and she’s ginger.    And did you see her slip up in that garden in India?   Is that who we want to be our leader?  If the Australian people have the faith to elect me the next Prime Minister, they can expect only the very top level of integrity and decency.”

“I mean, look at Russia where President Putin takes a very, very personal approach to targeting his opposition.   And you know what?   All of his critics have been found guilty of tax evasion in the courts and everything.   So there you have it.   It works for him and I’d like to point out that Russia’s doing all right.  So where’s the problem?”






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