Cant believe the media got all bugged about my Anne Frank comments.  All I meant was that she would’ve liked my music, if she survived the world war of ‘68.   Haters gonna hate I suppose.   My true fans know I’ve got a big heart so my message is to believe in positivity.   Ur love keeps me strong.


Wow amazing place.   Really smoggy like L.A. but without as many breast implants.    People here so nice.   Tons of Beliebers everywhere.   Love u.

All over town lots of photos of this guy Chairman Mao.   They tell me he’s got heaps of followers too. But has he had 5 number 1 albums before the age of 20?     Did he see the entire world while still a teenager?

My team tell me I gotta respect the local culture so I might ask this Mao guy if he wants to do a guest appearance with me or whatever.    No wait!   My manager says he’s dead and was like the leader back in the 1950s!  Lol.  I’m young and I’m gonna make mistakes but I know I’m gonna grow from this.

Massive show tonight Beliebers.    Are u ready?






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