North Korea’s leader turned up the heat today on the US President, alleging that Obama “…raps like a white guy, excluding Eminem of course.”

“He got less flow than the Yalu River; you know my rhymes do make my nation shiver.  Ahhh yeah.  Peace – it ain’t happening biatch” shouted Kim live on Korean State Television.

“I rap about everyday life in North Korea: our nuclear buildup, people cleaning pavements with toothbrushes and why the absence of Starbucks makes it a paradise on Earth.”

President Obama responded with: “Now, let me begin by saying that I fully respect North Korea’s rap traditions and its right to express them regionally.    However, to threaten America’s hip hop supremacy would be a mistake.   Kim Jong, you going down fool.”

The battle will take place in the General Assembly building of the United Nations headquarters next week, with Chancellor Merkel opening as guest DJ.






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