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Joanna Fitzclarke was arrested and detained in Bali for possession of 20kg of cannabis last January.   Separate amounts were found hidden in each of her prosthetic limbs, which aroused the attention of police dogs in a random search in the tourist town Kuta.

When later interviewed Ms Fitzclarke refused to criticise the conditions she was being held under nor the manner of her arrest and subsequent detention.

“I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the Bali cops.  They’ve been polite, decent and professional.    It’s been rough being banged up sure, but I trust in the system’s integrity and believe I’ll get a fair hearing.     Australians often overlook the fact that Indonesian law is based on a civil law system developed in large part under Dutch colonisation over 350 years.  It’s like fully proper justice”  she added.

Ms Fitzclarke was not keen on being photographed by the Australian media contingent.   “Being arrested on drug charges is bad enough, without the added shame of being on the front cover of Women’s Weekly.”

A Bali Magistrate is currently reviewing all evidence before deciding on a trial.






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