Members of the Bandidos and Hells Angels gangs recently put aside their differences to jointly lobby the Federal Government.

‘Just like investment bankers, auditors and the media, we want to establish an independent watch-dog to oversee our activities’ explained Bruce rat face Gibbons, spokesperson for the lobby group Knuckles & Chains.   ‘Those guys seem to break the law all the time and get away with it.   We like this setup.’

‘We’re alarmed that the government is unfairly targeting our organisations by boosting resources for the Australian Federal Police.  We believe this is an assault on our freedom and a massive over-reach of government into the lives of and hard-working and hard-living private citizens.’

‘Oh yeah and it’s bad for business too.  How are we supposed to increase investment in key strategic markets with cops raiding us every other morning?   Now piss off you little toad.’






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