The National Teachers Union led a group of about 20,000 people in a noisy protest in Canberra today.

Union spokesperson Mitch Green told the crowd: ‘Enough is enough.  We’ve put up with distracting and sometime dangerous behaviour in our classrooms for years.     It’s taking its toll on teachers and kids.   It’s time to bring back the strap.’

‘No one is suggesting it’s ok to physically harm our children, but a little fear goes a long way in keeping them quiet and focused, as well as the threat of a thick 1-metre wooden ruler striking their backsides.’

‘I propose a framework that will regulate teachers and protect students from excessive disciplining.  Physical punishment will be standardised across the country to ensure the response is consistent.   For the following infractions: throwing projectiles in class, I advocate 1 stroke; disrupting class 2 strokes;  talking rudely to teachers 3 strokes; setting up a fake social media account in a teacher’s name and posting comments relating to illegal sexual behaviour 4 strokes’ said Mr Green.

A spokesperson for the Parents Association of Australia has publicly backed these demands and called on the Federal Government to clarify whether they too are legally allowed to give their naughty kids a damn-good drubbing.