The Ten Network today announced it is joining forces with the Australian Department of Immigration to reboot its critically acclaimed TV series.

“We need a more humane way of dealing with today’s asylum seekers” said department spokesperson Nicola Hortens.  “Prime-time ratings are also a big plus.”

Critics of the plan have dubbed it: the Reality TV solution.

Viewers will have the opportunity to vote on their favourite asylum seeker, with the winner then going into a draw for a chance to be detained on PNG’s Manus Island.

“If they seem like good blokes and talk English proper and that, they could win over the public and become real Australians” said Ten Network executive Darren Peters.

Host HG Nelson explains “For me, it’s so important we treat refugees in a dignified and honourable way”.   Dressed as ponies, contestants then scramble their way down a long technicolor slide into a vat of thick green sludge.

“I completely emphasise with these people and what they’re going through.     Personally, working on this show, I swallow my pride every day.”

The new series airs this Sunday at 7:30 pm.