Digital Abstract

Sonia  ‘Do google searches like itchy crotch pimple get recorded?’

Anna  ‘I’ll think twice before instagraming my privates to my boyfriend.’

Ben  ‘Bitcoin transactions on Silk Road are anonymous right?’

Gary  ‘A mate of mine has downloaded enough porn to fill a data warehouse… is that illegal?’

Paris H.  ‘Who cares?  All exposure is good exposure.’

Ed Balls  ‘If you post something idiotic on the internet, then its your own stupid fault’

Peter  ‘If my video camera is not switched on, can they still watch me?’

Anon.  ‘How many emails a day to the same person constitutes stalking?’

Carrie   ‘Does anyone know if Edward Snowden is now single?  I can’t find him on facebook.’

Shawn   ‘Does this mean that Australia Post is the only safe way to communicate?’