For all the parents & minders who read children’s stories nightly.

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?
Is he fishing bare-chested in Russia with Putin?
Or in Zimbabwe with Robbie Mugabe?
Oh wait, he’s stuck in an airport.

He is a fugitive now and a traitor they say.
Well, says no one but Washington
And the NSA.

Declares John Kerry:
‘But the world isn’t large!
He can’t have gone far.
Perhaps he’ll turn up in a Bangkok lady bar?
But could he be holed up in Damascus?
Or eating criollo in Caracas?
Oh where might he, where might he, where might he be?
Go ask Kim Dotcom, he seems shifty to me.’

As the story grew old,
The World did oft yawn:
‘It’s no surprise, we knew all along.
Nothing is private from the grand Uncle Sam.’
But yet they still ask: ‘What do they know about me?’