Business people having funny conversation

Although they save us time and thought, using these phrases easily becomes habitual.    Then they can slip out during normal, civilian conversation and that’s when we look like the corporate tossers we sometimes are.

The following suggestions in brackets are in plain English for your convenience.


I’m a team player  [I can work with others / I’m not a dick]

We need to take it to the next level  [We need to improve business]

The buck stops here  [I’m pinning this mistake on you]

It’s a paradigm shift  [It’s new]

Let’s blue sky this  [Let’s think about it]

You’re gonna hit the ground running  [You’ll be busy]

I don’t wanna bloke smoke up my own arse but…  [I’m capable/competent]

Let’s right-size the company  [With deep regret we’ll have to let people go]

At the end of the day  [In the end]

The ball’s in your court  [Everyone’s waiting on you]

Thinking outside of the box  [Let’s get creative]

Going forward  [In the future]

Giving 110%  [Let’s give it all our focus]

We’ve got it covered from soup to nuts  [No suggestion here, just avoid this one always]

He’ll be spending more time with his family  [He’s been relieved of many responsibilities]

It is what it is   [Ok fine, I’ve lost this round but there’s a few more to go]

He’s been there since Jesus was playing full-back for Jerusalem  [He’s senior/experienced]