fake sign language

During the speech by South Africa’s Catholic Archbishop at the Mandela memorial, suspicions of fraud were sparked when Thamsanqa Jantjie was seen making circular motions with one hand on his stomach, while simultaneously patting the top of his head.

‘I’ve worked very hard at learning the signage of the hands,’ said Thamsanqa today in defence of his random yet oddly passive/aggressive gestures.

‘Every day for weeks, I am watching You Tube learning this.  But it was not easy finding time between official state appointments.  So to be accused of not having a fucking clue what I am doing is a shock.’

‘In this country, I’m very proud to say that a complete lack of skill or qualifications is no barrier to a well-paid government job.  It’s what Mandela himself fought so long and hard for.   You’re not saying Madiba was a fraud are you?’

‘Death to all Congressional Republicans’