FNDU - Texting whilst walking

Australian Police are planning a Christmas onslaught on pedestrians who text and walk at the same time. The decision to fine offenders was made after a recent spate of incidents where people have crashed into others or nearly killed themselves.

“Look we don’t want to make light of a serious situation” said Senior Constable Butrose, “This was not prompted by a girl who nearly drowned this was prompted by a public response demanding that we act.”

Police will issue an on the spot fine of $49 if you are caught taking more than 5 steps with your phone in hand and they can witness your hand moving over the screen at the same time.

“It’s not a subjective matter, we have start of the art equipment that will detect these criminals and we are not afraid to use it” said Butrose.

A recent survey of a busy city intersection found that up to 55% of people crossing the road were heavily engaged in their phones and at least 22% of these people accidentally bumped into someone else in the process.

The Senior Constable told us: “These statistics prove that these incidents are on the rise and we simply must put a stop to this outlandish behaviour.”

Already a lobby group called ‘Walker Texting Rangers’ has sprung up in opposition.

“We have a right to text, check Facebook and Snapchat until our hearts are content” said a WTR spokesperson, “No police fine will stop me from posting my status or snapchatting my friends as I cross a busy street.”

This is not the first fine of it’s kind in the world – a US city has implemented the same thing, reports of the city legal system prescribing the death penalty to offenders are yet to be confirmed.


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