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Biblical researchers have raised the possibility that Jesus Christ spent time in Australia before he became the next big thing.

“For almost two millennium we have been trying to figure out what Jesus was doing before he became king of the Jews and returned to the promised land and now we believe we have a fair idea” said senior biblical researcher Jonah Christiansen.

It is believed that after Jesus finished his  schooling and much like many students do today, he took a gap year holiday to Australia.

Researchers are still trying to determine if Jesus stayed for just one year or if like so many students he spent 3 months on a rural farm picking fruit to earn a visa extension.

Aboriginal elders in the Northern Territory have confirmed that a man with a beard wearing what are now commonly referred to as ‘Jesus sandals’ did arrive by boat approximately 2000 years ago. It is only now that some further cave artwork and Dreamtime stories have been translated providing enough evidence that Jesus Christ spent time in Australia.

“This is a great coup for ¬†Australian biblical tourism” said the Northern Territory’s tourism spokesperson Jackie King, “‘Crocodiles, snakes and Jesus Christ’, it has a nice ring to it” she said.

Already local business have caught onto the possibilities of promotion with one restaurant advertising itself as the place where ‘Jesus learned to break bread’.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is yet to comment on whether Jesus should have been sent to Christmas Island for asylum seeking processing. However, a government insider did hint that the irony of Jesus spending time at Christmas Island was not lost on the PM.


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  1. […] Christ spent time in Australia. Haha Brilliant! […]

  2. […] Christ spent time in Australia. Haha Brilliant! […]

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