crowded elevator

A Melbourne man has farted in a busy elevator leaving fellow passengers breathless for 40 floors before he stepped out and apologised when the doors opened.

The man was travelling up an elevator just after the busy lunch time rush hour back to his office and is said to have audibly farted in front of up to a dozen people.

Whilst initially it appears that the man in question was not going to apologies a witness told us that it was the smell that most likely saw him change his mind.

“It was awful, one of those really bad pungent smells that is like off eggs” she told work colleagues on returning to her desk.

“Another older lady in the lift was on the cusp of seeking medical assistance” she continued.

It is not known if CCTV footage of the man will be passed on to Police to further investigate.

There has been a recent increase in the number of reports of this type of incident occurring in Australian office buildings, as one building security guard called Sanjeet told us: “It always happens after lunch, I think it these white Australians who are having a curry for lunch, they cannot handle it.”

Sanjeet did also say: “Although this is first time I have heard of man apologising after they do such thing.” (sic)

The apology breaks with years of tradition. ┬áNormally a fart in an elevator would result in moments of embarrassed silence. ┬áPeople would then exit and complain to their friends once they returned to their desk, whilst the perpetrator would slip away with a misguided view that they had ‘got away with it’.


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