Morgan and Mulray

Controversial sacked CNN talk host Piers Morgan, will be approached by Channel Ten in Australia as a means to salvage the network’s sinking ratings.

Not deterred by Morgan’s poor ratings on CNN in America it is believed Channel Ten executives think there is a certain charm to Brit that will ‘get people talking about Channel Ten again’.

However TV critics have only confirmed this to be another instance of Ten shooting itself in the foot.

“They may as well bring back Doug Mulray” said one critic.

On hearing of this suggestion, it is believed Ten executives immediately sounded out Mulray to see if he could team with Morgan in a double act.

“This sort of pairing would certainly get Ten spoken about again, but not in a good way” said our TV critic, “It has the potential to be Channel Ten’s first locally produced comedy for some time, what would they call it? ‘A tale from two beasts’?”

Mulray last appeared on Channel Ten screens in 2002 as host of the day time chat show Beauty and the Beast.

Whilst Morgan last appeared on Australian TV screens getting pommelled with a cricket ball by Australian fast bowler, Brett Lee. Morgan faced up to Lee in the nets at the tea interval of the Boxing Day Ashes Test match on Channel 9. On that occasion Morgan was made to look a fool, but who is to say who will look the bigger fool if any of the above actually eventuates.


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  1. I hear Shane Warne has a lot more time on his hands these days having changed his status to ‘single’ on Facebook. Ten could go for the triple whammy!

  2. Needs some female representation – a woman who has audience-grabbing potential to match Doug and Piers.
    Julia Gillard, come on down!


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