anti gay arizona laws

Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer is not letting the backlash surrounding her proposed anti-gay bill deter her from a policy of banning almost everything that was not accepted at the time of the writing of the bible.

With the potential for NFL officials to remove next year’s Super Bowl from the State of Arizona should the bill be passed, Brewer confirmed that banning gays were not the only thing on her agenda.

“I would like to ban running water, electricity and the internet, all of these things have been accepted as part of society for a while now and there is no doubt that as they weren’t in the bible there is no reason to allow them now” said Governor Brewer outside her house.

“Some people might think this is a primitive view, but perhaps by banning these simple things these so called gays would have better things to than spend time at discos, listening to pop songs, watching pornography and taking showers together.”

Brewer’s plans however are to start small by banning things that are stereotypically considered to be gay. For example TV shows like Modern Family and Glee would be banned in the state for promoting homosexuality and expect Kylie Minogue’s music hugging people of the same sex to face the full wrath of Brewer’s bills.

“We do not want to promote in any way shape or form the possibility of loving thy neighbour as you love yourself, especially if thy neighbour goes to the same lavatory as you do.”

Senators from US States that were on the coastlines laughed at the irony of Governor Brewer’s use of the phrase ‘love they neighbour’, “Only in Arizona” one decried.

Brewer refused to comment on whether camps would be set up in the state to move ‘all suspected gay people into’.


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  1. “…especially is thy neighbour goes to the same lavatory as you do.” That is all.


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