Big Bowen Mango gets stolen, puts Bowen back on the map

Sunshine Coast Mayor pissed off he didn’t think of it first

Bowen – Qld

Reports of the big Bowen Mango being stolen over the weekend quickly went viral. Whilst not formally denying any knowledge, Bowen Tourism chairman (who is also the local publican, Anglican minister and Post-Office Manager) Paul McLaughlin gave reporters of FNDU a very clear ‘wink’ when we skyped him earlier today.
Bowen is still trying to recover from the excitement from when Baz Lurhmann filmed ‘Australia’ on location and, in the eyes of an unnamed local ‘the place went back to being a boring shithole’ after the massive production left town.

Locals are now excited about the new interest in tourism in the Bowen area, with the official Bowen Instagram account getting 73 more followers in over 3 days.

Not all Queenslanders are excited for Bowen, however. FNDU spoke to Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Cr Mark Jamieson, who scowled “First it was the testicles being stolen of Yass’ Big Merino, now Bowen has gone and gotten its mango stolen. What’s next? Bjelke-Petersen’s (pea)nuts?. How can the Sunshine Coast’s own Big Pineapple compete with that level of promotion? What are we going to do now? We couldn’t even give away the Big Pinapple and Bowen gets their bloody mango stolen!”

Despite Jamieson’s annoyance, the mood in Bowen remains high. Local baker Tony of Tony’s Bakehouse in Bowen commented to FNDU reporters that it sure would be good to have a customer again.






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