strange man showing his thumbs up

Newcastle, NSW

After separating from his long time girlfriend, Tom reports he is ready to hit the town with workmates on Friday night.

“I’m free to be whoever I want to be now, without the shackles of a relationship!” Tom reports jubilantly.

“I’ve spent too many Friday nights rushing home to (ex-girlfriend) Donna. I’m sick of tired of missing out on all the fun! The ‘Tommeister’ is ready to P-A-RTY!” he continued.

Tom’s workmates are not convinced however. Team mate Lester comments “Since breaking up with Donna, all Tom can talk about is how he used to do this with Donna, or how he used to do that with Donna. It’s pretty sad actually.”

Tom’s Team Leader Angus agrees “Look, Tom’s a great guy and all, but he really cramps my style with the ladies, if you know what I mean.  He’s on the wrong side of thirty, kinda pudgy, balding and thinks $8 for a beer is too expensive!”

Tom’s complete lack of self-awareness certainly does not assist with his plight to ‘hang out’ with his team mates after work.

“Angus is a single guy, I’m sure he’d appreciate a wing-man on a Friday night!” Tom reassures himself.

Despite his peers trying to keep after work drinks a private affair, Tom managed to ‘bump into’ his colleagues at a down-town bar.

Reports from the office on Monday morning confirmed that Tom did stay for drinks until 6.30pm, where he promptly left to get pizza and watch ‘Better Homes and Gardens’. Angus reported that after 2 beers, Tom had confided in him that Friday night used to be ‘pizza and Better Homes and Gardens night’ when he was with Donna…






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