Woman thinkingFremantle, WA

Yvette Doherty reports she may be jumping to conclusions about an unusually warm smile she received from the new barista at the Organic Bean Café.

“It was more than a friendly gesture – it was flirtatious and kind” Doherty beamed.

A source close to Yvette confirms “Yvette daydreamed out loud that although he works in a café, he’s probably studying environmental law or climate science.  She imagined giving him her number, going on dates, marriage and having a child named Butterfly”.

Yvette also cryptically wrote the following status update:

“Could this be true love?”

Yvette’s twin sister Yvonne does not share her enthusiasm however. “Yvette’s always like this as soon as any guy gives her a hint of attention.  Last month, she went wedding dress shopping after a policeman booked her for speeding.   ‘He’s the one’ she said.”

FNDU called the Organic Bean Café to see if Yvette’s passionately held vision was reciprocated.  A manager there confirmed that the only male working at the café is in fact, gay.






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  1. Hahaha, this is totally me with every barista ever.

  2. Reblogged this on The mind is an unexplored country. and commented:
    So ladies fall into this trap too?


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