Tattoo aussie

Gary from Melbourne reckons changing the Aussie flag would be “Totally fucked”, reports say.

His comments came after Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop tried to play down growing media chatter about whether Australia would follow New Zealand’s proposal to change their national flag.

The Minister said “Servicemen and women have unfortunately died under that flag.”

“So anyone entertaining the idea of a new one is clearly a murderer or a pedophile.”

People with IQs higher than a plank of wood disagree however.

Democracy expert Greg Bellender explains: “The Government in an open society shouldn’t be afraid to debate public issues like national identity, rather than trying to kill the conversation.”

Gary’s mate Dave doesn’t care too much for this subject however, as regardless of which flag we’re flying, his tattoo: ‘Fuck off were full’ will always be poignant.

1st US flag

America’s first national flag 1775 – 1777, before they got creative.







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