Beautiful Young Woman in Confused Expression

Devonport, TAS

Teenager Ashley Watson is convinced that her folks are bumping uglies when she is at her local church youth group, say reports.

“It’s really gross,” said the 15 year old.  “Dad’s always in a good mood at the end of the week, giving Mum sneaky kisses and patting her on the bum.  He bought home a bag from Bras and Things a few weeks ago and Mum totally blushed and smiled.”

Friends of the Watsons similarly report that they are ‘unavailable’ for social events on Friday nights, putting it down to an interest in Friday Night Football.

Mrs Watson, a conservative, upright Christian citizen refused to comment on her and her husband’s Friday night activities, commenting that “Every healthy relationship needs quality time to flourish.”

Ashley reports of her parents’ disappointment during school holidays, when the church youth group goes into hiatus.

“Dad’s always offering to drop me off at the movies on Friday night with like $20 pocket money when youthy isn’t on. At least I get to do what I want while they are, you know, doing, you know, that” the embarrassed teen added.







Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. Another goodun mate.

    I actually had an attempt at your satirical style in my latest post. Hope I’ve done you and the other guys justice!

  2. Really you don’t want your mom and dad to be happy.


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