Recently I said that Australia needs a good dose of Thatcherism.

After getting a strong response I’ve changed my mind – we need a big shot of Stalinism instead.

You see, we need not fear a good, cleansing purge like a Balinese colonic irrigation.  But I digress, for there are other more pressing matters at hand.

Australia as a nation is going down the toilet.

Our economic growth rate last year was 2.8%.  During the same year, Angola in West Africa achieved an expansion of 9.8%.

Now everyone knows that statistics are useless unless they’re manipulated.

To me, the solution is clear.  We need to take urgent action and follow the successful business models of our African neighbours.

Improving economic productivity is the key to this turnaround.  We need to squeeze more out of our resources and I know just the segment of the population that’s been overlooked.

For too long Australian Kids have been scrounging off the hard work and toil of their parents, rarely giving much in return besides disappointment, court actions and hefty private school bills.

What better lesson can we teach them than those learned working 1 kilometre under the surface of the Earth, where the risk of death or life threatening injuries is constant and unremitting?

And from a business perspective: their thin arms can reach into places that fully grown people cannot and the injuries they sustain heal more quickly.   Plus they’re happy to work for $2 per day, provided they can watch Peppa Pig during their lunch break.

Now I know that there will be people out there who will be aghast at my proposals.  But progress always comes at a cost.

Look, just have an open mind on this thing OK?  I still think Kids under 5 should be able to opt out, provided they stay in full time studies.

Because the Children really are our future.






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