Couple lying in park with their daughter on top

Fremantle, WA

Local couple Sam and Bree Maxwell report they were ‘closer than ever’ when their three year old Charlie experienced a 48-hour tummy bug.

“It feels like Sam and I are in love again” Bree commented “Charlie is usually a demanding, hyperactive child. It wears us both out. She’s been in bed for the best part of two days, sleeping and resting. It’s been heaven!”

Mothers from Charlie’s play-group confirmed Charlie’s hyperactive, irritable nature and whiny shrill tone.

Sam’s enthusiasm for Charlie’s illness and incapacitation matched that of his wife. “We’ve been able to watch seasons 4 and 5 of Mad Men. We’ve enjoyed a quiet breakfast together, enjoyed coffee on the lawn and even had a candle-lit dinner, uninterrupted by Charlie’s incessant nagging” he boasted “I’m not going to lie, on Sunday morning, Bree and I enjoyed, well, it’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed that!

“I’ve been able to shower and pee without being interrupted” Bree exclaimed.

In the weeks after Charlie’s illness, life returned ‘to normal’ to the Maxwell household, with Charlie returning to her usual un-management self.

“I can’t wait until she gets ill again” a sex-starved, tired Sam said.

“And I feel pregnant again” sighed Bree.







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