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People born after 1982 can be a bit tedious, it has emerged.

Gary, a Gen-X Melbourne man told us “I’m vaguely aware that there’s a Baby Boomer Generation and that I’m not a part of it.   But still, who really gives a shit?”

“And if it wasn’t for would anybody even know which Generation they belong to?”

Generation Y man Steve disagrees however.

“Generation X is always on our backs.  They say we’re complacent, lazy and not willing to work for slave wages.  And don’t get me started on those vile Baby Boomers, enjoying free public education and then forcing fees on us.  They should just die and vacate their jobs immediately.”

Generational expert Greg Bellender has his own theory on this phenomenon.

“Trying to assess someone’s true character and personality is a long and complex task.  So we take short cuts by using horse shit like horoscopes and numerology because we’re generally pretty fucking lazy as a species.”

“By the way, what’s your favourite colour?”









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  1. What’s that colour that’s not purple but not pink?

  2. Football teams are a TOTALLY reliable guide to the personality.
    Take me, for example. I was born wearing the red white and blue – okay, that was due mostly to a long and very difficult labour, but more importantly I was born at Footscray Hospital. And I’ve been with the Bulldogs ever since.
    Their story so perfectly matches my own biography. Perennial mediocrities, showing occasional bursts of genius, but overall neither good enough to take the premiership or bad enough to become a Collingwood-style object of derision. We’re made for each other!


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