Couple on a date in a restaurant

Maroochydore, QLD

Local man Ian Arnold reported his surprise when his Friday night date was ‘suitably dressed’ for the occasion.

“So often the ladies dress up to the nines for a first date. Don’t get me wrong, I like a well-dressed woman. It’s just refreshing that a girl wears normal clothes to a date” Arnold said.

Louise’s friends scoffs at Ian’s claim however.

“If only he knew” they say “the effort she went to dress for that Friday night date. Louise bought a new pair of skinny fitted jeans and searched right through Sunshine Plaza for a new top. Her handbag matched the gerbera hair-tie and skinny belt.  And if Ian was aware how uncomfortable those heels were, he’d change his tune immediately!”

Despite Ian’s naivety on women’s clothing, Louise confirms she enjoyed the night.

A subsequent outdoor date had been planned, with the pair agreeing to climb Mount Coolum on the proceeding Saturday.

Friends of Louise report that she has completed preliminary internet searches on appropriate yet flirtatious outfits for outdoor dates.

Ian advises he will probably wear some ‘shorts or something’.








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