calm and serious teenage girl

Canberra, ACT

A ‘meet the parents’ dinner went totally wrong when 24 year old Samuel Hardgraves revealed that his new girlfriendĀ dares not taste the flesh of animals.

Samuel’s mother Fiona tried to remain positive during the awkward dinner, when the new girlfriend, Jess, politely yet noticeably refused to eat her roast lamb or cauliflower cheese.

“Not in my house!” Samuel’s father Jack later reported to friends. “Of all we have done for him, then this – a vegetarian!”

Despite holding similar political, social and religious values as the Hardgraves, the fact that Jess’ refusal to eat meat or animal products left a ‘bitter taste’ in the parents mouth.

In retrospect, Jack saw the funnier side of his son’s dating habits, commenting “Sometimes I wished he stayed with that coloured girl. At least she enjoyed meat.”







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