Darwin, Northern Territory

Teenager Liam Patterson confirmed to friends that the blood moon to the naked eye was pretty lacklustre. “I instagrammed the moon thing and it looked way better” the 15 year old reported.

A review of Patterson’s Instagram account indicates he may be unsatisfied with the natural environs surrounding his location. Modified pictures of the Litchfield National Park, crocodiles and a recent family visit to Uluru (Ayers Rock), as well as a catalogue of ‘selfie’ pictures litter the teenager’s Instagram account.

Patterson’s girlfriend of two weeks Lucy Guyer has ‘liked’ every one of his 742 photos. “He’s just, like, so talented on Instagram” Guyer reports “he’s like a professional, but only has a crappy iPhone 4 to work with”.

Patterson reports to be looking forward to the next family holiday in Bali, where he can take more modified photographs of beaches, temples and himself, sans shirt.






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