The grandson of our Head of State and his wife with nice hair are currently visiting us, just in case you live under a rock and haven’t seen the carpet-bombing press coverage in our otherwise boring news programs.

Reports indicate that they have a baby as well.

“It’s important to visit our former colonies and keep the family in the glossy magazines,” says William “but it’s not all fun and games you know – it’s tough making polite small talk with Plebs for hours on end.”

Otherwise sane and rational people lined up to see the couple as they made a public appearance in front of the Opera House on Wednesday.

“They’re almost like real famous people who’ve achieved meaningful things, bettered society and come to deserve our respect. Plus he looks like his father now” said Doreen from Sydney.

When questioned how he felt about being Australia’s future Head of State William said “No farking way!  You guys haven’t changed that yet?  So even though I’ve only visited this place like 3 times, I’m going to assume your top office?”

“As a country you’re like a 35 year old bloke who still lives with his parents.   And you’re footing the bill for our holiday.  Brilliant.”










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