Afghan teen boy

Clermont, Queensland

Clermont Coal Mine supervisor Steve Overington confirms that recent arrival Ali Hassan is getting the hang of Aussie work culture.

“Yeah Terry is really fitting in with the boys” says Overington.

Hassan has been seen joking around with the crew in the lunch room, watching football on weekends and even having a post work drink.

“We thought Terry would be all like ‘Alahlalah’ and prayin’ and going jihad on us” a co-worker reports “but he’s actually a really nice guy, not like we expected at all.”

Although born in Afghanistan, Hassan’s facebook page confirms he holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from a British university and Masters in Mining from a prominent US College. He has lived and worked across the globe in various mining roles. His religion is listed as ‘atheist’.

When asked about his new nickname Hassan responded “I think it’s a play on words – Terry – terry towel – towel head. I’ve figured that when Aussies pay out on you, it usually means they accept you.”

As a backhanded compliment, Hassan has reported to be hosting a ‘F*#k off We’re Full’ BBQ lunch on the ANZAC Day weekend for the mining boys.







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