Tamworth, New South Wales

While commiserating over ANZAC Day drinks with fellow Diggers, the conversation made its way to same-sex marriage.

“It’s not what I bloody fought for” Jack Squires, a POW from Singapore proclaimed “I don’t understand why all the kids these days are raving about it”.

Squires, who sports both physical and mental scars from his war experience continued: “Nancy and I have been married since just before the war and the sex has never been the same. We always manage to make things different and exciting.  Why would anyone want to be married and have the same sex over and over again? It’s bloody un-Australian!”

Rob Kilpartick, a close mate of Squires and fellow POW survivor mirrors these sentiments. “I know every marriage goes through rough patches, and that’s why it’s important for every couple to keep their sex different. I know Mavis and I wouldn’t have survived this long if all we were doing for the last forty years was missionary! This ‘same-sex’ business – it’s just wrong.”

The Diggers were then asked what they thought of gay marriage.

“Well, maybe in Sydney or Melbourne they are into that business, but not in Tamworth” Squires answered indignantly “So long as them poofs keep to themselves, I guess I don’t care too much. I mean, I don’t like it, but if someone likes that, who am I to judge?”

Kilpatrick smiled through his beer “Hey Squires, I recon some of those Yank sailors would of fought for the gay marriage!”






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